6 Steps to Prevent Junk Mail from Mailing Lists Take my Junk in Dubai

6 Steps to Prevent Junk Mail from Mailing Lists

Step 1: Stop the flow.
Go to the source of the mail flood and turn off the faucet! Remove your name from mailing lists. This flow can take up to 90 days to stop because many mailings are already in print or production.

Step 2: No more credit card applications.
If you’ve ever filled out a product warranty card, bought a new home or car, provided your credit information to a lending institution, or simply carried a credit card, you can be sure that your The name and address are circulating on several lists. Credit card companies are hungry for your business. Don’t despair – help is out there. To opt out of credit card promotional mailings, you will have the opportunity to choose a five-year opt-out or permanent opt-out. For your personal credit cards, ask the company to put you on their “in house” list that is not sold or traded to other companies.

Step 3: Put the kibosh on unwanted phone books and catalogs.
Go online to opt out of Dex. Once you receive a catalog in the mail that you don’t want, call them to opt out. Often times they are happy to remove you from the list because it helps them save money by not printing unwanted catalogs.

Step 4: Contribute to charities, not mailings.
If you contribute to a charity once a year, ask them to send you only one donation request a year. The American Institute on Philanthropy offers several tips for reducing junk mail and phone solicitations from charities.

Step 5: Stop the junk promo products.
If you have companies that send you mailings or promotional products that you don’t want, there is an option. First, look for one of the following phrases: return requested, forwarding service requested, address service requested, or change of service requested. If you receive any of these phrases, write “Rejected, Return to Sender” on the unopened envelope. Email sent to “resident,” “current resident” or “current resident” may be refused if it contains one of the above endorsements, or is sent first class. When you receive unsolicited promo products, you can mark the envelope “return to sender” and put it back in the mail. Take my Junk Dubai

Step 6: Delist all direct marketers.
In addition to DMA, there are several smaller list brokers and direct marketing firms in the US. You will recognize many of them in the list below. As you did with DMA in step one, send or call the brokers and direct marketing firms listed below in all variations of your name and address. Start saving labels for all variations of names and addresses that arrive in your mailbox. Every variation, no matter how small (or ridiculous), is another name on the list, sold to thousands of businesses, so add all the variations! If you prefer to go the slow mail route, cut and paste the original mailing label onto a sheet, make copies, add your signature to each name change on each sheet, and mail them to the 5 addresses below. do Send each of the following: “Please remove my name and address from your mailing lists and do not rent, sell or trade my name or address.”

Epsilon Data Services
Abacus Cooperative Database
Send an email with “Remove” in the subject line and your full name, including middle initial, and address in the message. If you have changed your address in the last six months, include your previous address.
A note about warranty

Be advised that it is not necessary to fill out a warranty card to obtain a warranty on your purchase. Warranty and registration cards are usually a way to get customer information from you, which is then often sold directly to mailers. Read the fine print to see if you need to return the card for warranty validation.

Tip #2: Get “inside” credit card listings.

Contact your personal credit card companies and ask them to put your name and information on their “in-house” list that is not sold or traded to other companies. This will prevent further credit card offers from being sent to your home.

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